Tzuki Pour Over Coffee Dripper Permanent Coffee Filter Cone -Titanium Coated Mesh Strainer

Tzuki Pour Over Coffee Dripper Permanent Coffee Filter Cone -Titanium Coated Mesh Strainer

Tzuki Pour Over Coffee Dripper Permanent Coffee Filter Cone -Titanium Coated Mesh Strainer Rating:
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Product Description

Delicious Coffee Made Right at Home!

Whether it's an artisan blend or a premium cappuccino, we all have our go-to cup of coffee. But
did you know that paper filters can actually absorb the natural oils found in your coffee grounds?
The result is weakened flavor and a loss of nutrients.

Perfect the art of coffee making with Tzuki's Pour Over Drip Filter! Great for both grounds and
loose tealeaves, our paperless filter fills your home with the rich aroma of your favorite drinks.
Titanium mesh collects even the finest grounds without impacting flavor, leaving you with a cup
of coffee that's smooth, fresh and brewed to your personal preference.

Who wants to wait in line at the local coffee shop? Our dripper brews the perfect cup in a matter
of minutes! Just set it on top of a mug or travel container, add the selected blend, and pour in the
hot water. When you're finished, simply rinse it under warm water or throw it in the dishwasher
for a quick and easy cleanup.

The team at Tzuki loves coffee just as much as you do! That's why we used premium titanium
when designing our cone. Not only is it sleek, lightweight and durable, but it's also resistant to
corrosion and rust, ensuring a lifetime of use.

Why Choose Our Coffee Brewer?

- Provides full-bodied taste and aroma
- Quick, convenient and easy to use
- Safe in the dishwasher
- Sleek, lightweight design
- Made with durable titanium

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  • Smooth, Rich Flavor: From your favorite artisan coffee to a cup of soothing tea, our pour over brewer allows you to enjoy gourmet drinks in the comfort of your own home! While paper filters absorb oils and alter taste, our eco-friendly design helps maximize flavor.
  • Made in Minutes: Our coffee cone is great for hectic mornings when you're crunched for time! Simply set it on top of your cup, mug or travel container, add your go-to blend, and pour in the hot water. There's no waiting in line and it's brewed just the way you like it.
  • Easy to Clean: When you're making more than one cup, just rinse and reuse your coffee dripper for quick, no-hassle convenience! And because titanium is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, you can safely run it through the dishwasher for a more thorough clean.
  • Premium Quality: Thanks to our single cup pour over coffee maker, you don't have to be a barista to brew like one! The lightweight, sleek design makes the dripper compact and easy to store while titanium mesh provides incredible durability without impacting flavor.
  • Shop Risk Free: Tzuki is the name coffee lovers trust! Your satisfaction is always our top priority, so if for any reason this isn't the best pour over coffee maker you've tried, you can simply return your purchase using our no-questions-asked full money back guarantee.