4 x Skye – double wall glass bistro mugs – Coffee / Tea – 10oz / 300ml – SALE PRICE!

4 x Skye - double wall glass bistro mugs - Coffee / Tea - 10oz / 300ml - SALE PRICE!

4 x Skye - double wall glass bistro mugs - Coffee / Tea - 10oz / 300ml - SALE PRICE! Rating:
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Product Description

These mugs are offered at an extremely competitive price, recently reduced due to a couple of low reviews. Naturally, we do find these reviews upsetting, and with a trouble free returns policy we believe you can buy with confidence at prices that offer you better than 2 for 1! The first thing you will notice is how super-light weight these mugs are! Yes, they weigh next-to-nothing compared to your regular coffee mug and that's because they are made from borosilicate glass meaning they can be thinner than regular glasses without compromising strength. You'll also notice that they are sleek, stylish and possibly something you've never seen before. The double wall is hand-blown (as you can see from the little 'imperfection' on the bottom where the glass-blowers straw was inserted. The cavity of air between these two walls insulates the mug. The double wall is not only an attractive feature but it also means your coffee will stay hot for longer in the winter or summer, or maybe it'll be your iced-coffee or beer that stays cold for longer, and without condensation! Which means no more burnt or frozen fingers! Another plus, is they are heat resistant, so you could take them from the freezer and pour boiling water into them and they wouldn't break. Talking of breaking, should you drop a mug, it won't shatter into a million pieces. Which will soften the blow, a little. All that and they are dishwasher & microwave safe. Ideal for hot drinks, iced drinks, soups, beer, mulled wine and even ice cream, making them great if you don't want to have lots of different styles of mugs, for different occastions. And, its transparent design means it's a perfect match for any kitchen. As you can tell, we love these glasses and we're sure you will too! Each Molmo Box contains: 4 x sleek luxury double-walled borosilicate glass mugs


  • One reviewer said: ''... we are blown away!!! These double wall mugs insulate very well and keep coffee and other hot beverages HOT for a long time. We don't use anything else. Highly recommend!''
  • Handmade by artisans - 4 x double wall borosilicate glass mugs (medium size - 10oz / 300ml) (The same as our '2 x Bistro Double Wall Mugs')
  • Lightweight insulated glass mugs keep drinks hot or cold
  • Capacity: 10oz / 300ml / Height: 4 inches / Width: 3.5 inches
  • Liquids appear to float thanks to the 2 wall layer design