Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

What do you know about organic gardening? The term organic means the naturally process of living, these are achieve by finding environmentally friendly ways to cultivate your garden. The interest of organic gardening starts in the 1960s, when human starts to have increased concern on the high level of damage to the land by using pesticides and other chemicals. Basically the ever increasing human population has affected the natural world that we depend on, so the organic approach aims to reduce the agricultural effects on our beloved mother earth. Activities such as stop using plastic bags, recycling, stop deforestation, and avoiding using harmful agrochemical for farming should be reduce. We should start growing our own organic garden for a start. Figure 1.0 There could be a wide range of organic products for our farm, and chicken manure will be a good example.


How to be fully organic?

It takes a lot of determination and practice to archive a fully organic practice, because during you journey you will faced lots of difficulties on a daily basis. To improve yourself, you can start with proper observation and planning so that a natural balance will be develop in the organic garden you try to build. Generally the aim of organic gardeners, be they in landscaping a city garden, growing a farm garden, growing healthy vegetables, is to make the suitable choices to their situation. It is good to have such a practice because it moves us a few steps towards organic ways than to totally ignore it completely. Figure 1.1 Beautiful and decorative plants that benefit the wildlife will be an additions to beds and borders of an organic garden.


 Is Organic Good for Me?

It’s a common questions people all over the world will ask, and the answer is YES. This is due to the reason going organic is benificery to health in the long run. Human have been using pesticides and artificial fertilizer for years, these pesticides accumulate over time, both in our body and the environment, creating  poison that can last for decades and harm to our future generation. The organic way of life is a platform where we seeks to reduce this damage by working with nature. It’s a long- term investment which each and everyone of us need to commit for the sack  of our health and well being.

 Green Food

There is an increase in awareness on the food we consume everyday, but do we really know where these food came from and how they processed?  Recent concern of the “benefits” of the greens we consume have been a major marketing point to supermarkets to supply a growing need for organic produce. Wouldn’t it be nice to start growing our organic garden, where greens are produce, gathered fresh daily. What batter than organic vegetables that grow naturally and cleanly?

A garden that is friendly to you and the environment

Gardens is often presume as a safe retreat for a family, and we used a verity of pesticide and agrochmicals to protect them. Many of these poison no longer control the beasts that they were intended to control, but instead change the garden into a potential hazard to our health and the environment. Many of us think that there is little we can do the stop the pollution and degradation of our environment, but we do have responsibility and impact on it. We can start by changing our method of gardening to a more organic way. The healing of the environment starts in you backyard garden.

1.What is an organic standard?

Organic standards are sets of guides that growers, farmers, and processors must follow in order for their products or services to be considered or classified as organic. It covers a wide range of farming, planting, and food processing practice.

2 .Are organic standards same in every country?

Different country will have different standards, but there is an organization name IFOAM  (International Federation of Organic Agricultural movements ) which provides a standard platform globally, where farmers, growers, and processors have the opportunity to exchange information and develop new co-operation.

3.Can Chemical be used in organic farming?

There are only a very limited numbers of Chemical allowed, and they have to be in line with the legal framework of each country. In organic farming the use of artificial herbicides and fungicides are strictly prohibited.

4.As an organic gardener how do I keep my garden healthy?

As a good organic farmer, one should work in harmony with nature and concentrate on developing a healthy fertile soil.

5.When we mention Organic farming, is it just concern with growing Food?

No. going organic is a way of life in the near future. Today a lot of our daily necessities for example, wood, clothing, gardening products, and even some restaurants practices the organic ways.

This means be organic can also be apply to other areas besides your garden. It not necessary will change your life, but it will help to create and batter